A LinkedIn Automation Tool Designed with Digital Agencies in Mind.

Excellent Automations. Improved Client Results. Maximized Agency Profits.


Providing LinkedIn Outreach for Dozens of Clients Shouldn't be difficult.

Does this sound familiar?


Finding it difficult to manage multiple clients on separate workflows/platforms?

Client & User Reporting

Does manually creating reports for clients consume too much time? Which only gets more difficult the more clients you onboard.

Revenue Growth

Struggling to onboard more clients and boost revenue due to "time and labour" constraints?

Accurate Data

Are leads not accepting connection requests, not responding to follow-ups, and emails bouncing because of audience mismatch?

Workflow Complexity

Is the current method of onboarding, client-account-setup, and launching campaigns tedious and time-consuming?

Lack of Integrations

Do you use multiple separate tools to manage lead generation and outreach for your clients that don't integrate too well with one-another (adding to complexity)?  

Lead Quality

Unsure how to improve lead-quality for your clients to ensure their objectives are met - and exceeded?

Safety & Security

Worrying if your LinkedIn account will be suspended and trying to get ahead of constant LinkedIn algorithm changes?

The All In One LinkedIn and Email Automation Tool For Digital Agencies

Spend Less time on Manual Tasks, and spend more time on Strategic Growth.

Improve your Client's key success metrics

Automate LinkedIn and Email to boost client success with increased brand outreach, more qualified leads and appointments, and higher appointment attendance rates.

Automate workflows, win-back time, and scale your agency

By harnessing automation our tool enhances outreach and conversion strategies, whilst decreasing the total time needed to manage client campaigns.

Less time on manual tasks means more time on strategic growth.

Data Driven Insights

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, data is your most valuable asset.

Our tools provide comprehensive data-driven insights to fuel your decision-making and strategy development.

Seamless integration with all of your agency's tools

Maximize your agency's efficiency with our effortlessly integrable tool, designed to synchronize with all of your existing marketing platforms.

Access +1000s of Integrations

Use your agency's personalized branding

Empower your digital agency with the ability to fully embrace your unique branding across all client communications and campaigns.

Tailored Onboarding, Support & Training

Accelerate your agency's success with our customized onboarding, dedicated support, and comprehensive training programs.

No Cost. No Commitment. No Brainer.

Only Pay for our Software after onboarding your client, not before.

This is a BIG DEAL as it means you only pay when you generate revenue from your client.
A Win-Win Scenario.

If that's still not convincing you to hit the "Book A Demo" button, checkout the stats below.

Important Stats From Existing Agency Partners


Decreased Client Management Costs

Agency Partners saw a +70% decrease in total management costs for all clients under management.


Increased Profitability Per Client 🚀

Agency Partners saw a +250% increase in profitability on a per-client basis (a game-changer for their entire business model).  


Decreased Client Management Workload

The total workload on a per-client basis decreased by about ~80%; meaning on each client they spend 80% less time!

What do some of our clients say?

"In 6 months I've added +$15M in Annual Contract Value, and recruited 3 senior executives to my remote team using HRS"


Founder @ Female Leadership Group

"I've tried various LinkedIn outreach apps for lead generation, and HRS is my top recommendation. Exceptional customer service, an easy-to-use system, and significant time savings make it a standout choice for efficient LinkedIn lead generation."


FouFounder of Spicy Pineapple Marketingnder

“I have closed +$75k in new business using HRS - it has changed the way I book meetings and engage prospects!"


Founder @ CXDX Connected diagnostics

"After exploring several LinkedIn outreach tools for lead generation, I highly recommend HRS. Its standout features include outstanding customer support, a user-friendly interface, and substantial time efficiency, making it an exceptional choice for effective LinkedIn lead generation."

Kennedy Pereira