An Agency-Friendly LinkedIn & Email Automation Tool

Built for growing Digital Marketing Agencies.

Automation: Simplify & Automate LinkedIn & Email Campaigns
Results Driven: Pay After You've Onboarded Clients
Tailored Onboarding: 1-1 support and training
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scale your agency's growth potential

Results. Automation. Insights.

Results Oriented

Our unique Pay On Results model is designed to align our goals with your success - you only pay when we help you generate a result, ensuring a risk-free investment.

LinkedIn & Email Automation

Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, our tools automate the time-consuming aspects of your outreach campaigns, freeing your team to focus on strategic and creative endeavours.

Data Driven Insights

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, data is your most valuable asset. Our tools provide comprehensive data-driven insights to fuel your decision-making and strategy development.



Features To Help You Scale Your Digital Agency's Growth

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helping digital agencies scale with automation.

A "One Size Fits All" Pricing Strategy.

Our pricing-scheme is designed to suit digital agencies at every stage of their growth, from no clients to +100 clients.  

You get to see, test and trial the platform before you make a commitment to using it.

Our process

Get started as easy as 1, 2, 3

1: Book A Demo

Speak to our product specialist to show you a demo of the platform and whether it’s the right fit for your agency.


2: Qualification

We tailor the platform’s features to align directly with your agency’s goals, crucial for ensuring the quality of results your clients receive. We will also white-label the platform to match your agency’s brand and handle all other technical aspects involved.

3: Onboarding, Personalization & Launch

We guide you through the setup of your first working campaign, outlining key features and functions, and make sure the How’s, What’s and Why’s are all answered.

Important Stats From Existing Agency Partners


Decreased Client Management Costs

Agency Partners saw a +70% decrease in total management costs for all clients under management.


Increased Profitability Per Client 🚀

Agency Partners saw a +250% increase in profitability on a per-client basis (a game-changer for their entire business model).  


Decreased Client Management Workload

The total workload on a per-client basis decreased by about ~80%; meaning on each client they spend 80% less time!

What do some of our clients say?

"In 6 months I've added +$15M in Annual Contract Value, and recruited 3 senior executives to my remote team using HRS"


Founder @ Female Leadership Group

"I've tried various LinkedIn outreach apps for lead generation, and HRS is my top recommendation. Exceptional customer service, an easy-to-use system, and significant time savings make it a standout choice for efficient LinkedIn lead generation."


FouFounder of Spicy Pineapple Marketingnder

“I have closed +$75k in new business using HRS - it has changed the way I book meetings and engage prospects!"


Founder @ CXDX Connected diagnostics

"After exploring several LinkedIn outreach tools for lead generation, I highly recommend HRS. Its standout features include outstanding customer support, a user-friendly interface, and substantial time efficiency, making it an exceptional choice for effective LinkedIn lead generation."

Kennedy Pereira


Start Scaling Your Digital Agency

Automate Your Client's B2B Outreach
Seamless integration with +1000s of tools
Tailored onboarding & training (Approved Partners Only)
Completely White-Labelled Solution
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