Virtual 3D future of work, collaboration and learning 
for businesses of all sizes globally

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About VirBela

We bring our vision to life by redefining the future of work through a virtual reality experience. VirBela was designed to enable companies to grow and scale in the cloud and hire the best talent no matter where they may be located. Not only for the startup entrepreneur but also the remote enterprise teams of the Fortune 500. We offer the future of work for these communities.



We’ve created a common place for the uncommon community of early adopters and big thinkers who are entrepreneurial and care about the speed of their personal and professional growth. Our future of work allows members to scale their businesses and ideas faster, more efficiently and most importantly, sustainably -- deleting the need to travel by bus, car, plane or build more office space to just sit empty.

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Teem Meetings & Private Rooms

Need to have a large team meeting, a board meeting or even a private one on one meeting? VirBela has you covered with rooms sizes and options for all!

Presenters can utilise screen presentation tools just as they would in the physical world!



A memorable experiences for your global audience!

VirBELA for Virtual Events offers a social engagement and communication solution in a virtual environment that transforms regular meetings into unforgettable virtual networking experiences.

The virtual world environment is designed to promote social interaction and collaboration among participants. With the most industry experience, VirBELA is designed to support 10,000+ users concurrently from anywhere in the world.