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HRS has teamed up with eXp to provide the real estate industry with a truly new business model!
44,000+ agents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, France, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy and Hong Kong aren't wrong! 
This is the best new thing to have hit the real estate industry in over 100 years!
Slash your operational costs and take your commission earnings to an extreme new level! 
Also, included is a revenue share model along with a stock options component in the NASDAQ entity! This is unlike any other brokerage firm on Earth!

Family Real Estate

Supporting Teams & Independent/Self Employed Real Estate Agents

Blockbuster video has now become Netflix. Taxi's have now become Ubers.
Now brick and mortar traditional real estate businesses have become eXp and corporate conferences and board room meetings have become virtual!
You can choose to operate your own brand or operate under the eXp banner! The choice is yours. Work from home, a café or an existing office if you wish.
Prepare to be very impressed by all of the options and flexibility that this business model provides.
You operate and own your own business while eXp supports you with the technology tools for marketing, accounting and training!

World Class Technology

Never have you seen anything like these software services!  Truly best in class, World first technology platforms for the real estate industry!

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