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Your Multilingual Customer Service Platform


Jeeves.Plus is a customer service platform that automatically translates text messages,
empowering you to have a conversation with your customers in 109 languages

Use across SMS, Google Business Messaging & Facebook Messenger

It’s cheaper than call-based customer support, easy to use, and preferred by customers.


We translate into 109 different languages. A unique multilingual customer service platform (CSP) creating significant cost savings and efficiencies.


Your customers message in any of 109 languages, and this message goes through the Jeeves.Plus pillars to be received by your operator in English. The operator can then reply in English and their message goes right back to the customer in their starting language - too easy!

Screaming call operator.jpg

Reduce your business costs while reducing your staff and customer pain points.

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All of these channels integrated in to one multilingual platform to keep things simple for your customer support staff.

Jeeves.Plus: Work
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