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Immersive Learning at its Best!

Now, schools and universities can design their own virtual campus to engage students, empower faculty, and bring the spark back to learning.

Welcome to an immersive, socially connected educational world

The next generation in education. Solve the challenges of remote education with realistic classrooms and interactive lessons.

Increase Student Engagement and Retention

In virtual classrooms, students and faculty act as avatars for first-person experiences. Watch class outcomes improve with genuine immersion.

Drive higher course participation and satisfaction 

Instructors can show PDFs, play video, browse the web, drop links, or redecorate the room. Break free from one-way video tedium in no time.

Help students socialize and build relationships with peers and faculty

For students, meeting new people is one of the most valuable parts of school. Kickstart conversations, socialize, and get to know each other.

Build a sense of community and culture in online programs

Existing online or hybrid classes get a boost from virtual spaces. Explore study areas and meeting spots around campus or attend events.

Customizable Campus

With Virbela, you can customize 3D environments to match your physical campus. Change logos, posters, and other details around campus quickly and easily.

Enterprise-Grade Security

No conversations are saved and we conduct regular security and compliance testing. We take your security and privacy very seriously.

Supports thousands of Students

With underlying architecture built to grow, thousands of students can learn and interact on campus with no slowing down in-world.

Spatialized Voice

Speech gets quieter and louder as you move, just like it does in real life, allowing dozens of separate conversations in each area.

Familiar Presentation Tools

It’s easy to teach with slides and websites, screen-sharing, laser pointers, or sticky notes. Apps you already use are ready for class.

Breakout Groups

Group assignments work even better in Virbela, where you can turn on private volume areas in any space to form breakout sessions with no distractions.

Unique Avatars

Create your avatar with customizable clothes, hair, skin tone, and more. Great for building inclusive communities and empowering personal creativity.

Presentation Tools That Bring Education To Life

Everything your faculty needs to create immersive, interactive lessons and learning experiences.

  • Present slides, PDFs, and documents

  • Share your screen or webcam

  • Interactive whiteboards and sticky notes

  • Show any software that runs in a web browser

Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Explore the campus, play games, drive a speedboat, do a little dance, or high five. Virtual worlds have plenty of space for fun alongside deeper learning.

Students Love Being Themselves

With quick-change choices in outfits and hairstyles, avatars showcase genuine diversity and personality. Movement is natural and expressive.

Design Your Own Virtual Educational Spaces


The perfect virtual classroom environment for up to 30 students.


Large lectures, assemblies, and shows. Thousands can attend.

Outdoor Campus

An open area for walking, talking, events, or hanging out. 


Individual offices for faculty or meetings. Personalize yours.

Expo Hall

A large exhibition hall for recruitment, job fairs, info sessions, and much more.

Music Venue

Entertainment for all. Concerts, readings, plays, and more.

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